Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Travel tips by Macy! #mtravel #macytravel #aroundtheword #blessed

Its a big world out there, Go explore!
I love travelling......

My little tips...Always check where you are going as some countries need visa or Electronic System For travel Authorisation (ESTA) if you are going to the states.

Holiday package tour or Free and Easy?
Normally, i go on a free and easy tour so i do not have to wake up early to join the package tours. I can choose whatever tour, whenever i feels like going. walking along the streets and get lost in the wonderful cities. I have lots of choice on food and beautiful hotels. Basically, U plan your route and time.

Holiday package tour provides the itinerary so you do not have to do any research and they provide transport almost anywhere. Save time, save trouble. U do not have to worry about which hotel to stay, transiting flights or even food. all you have to do is justttt follow your tour guide and enjoy!

Have a break! Travel while we still can. While we are still able to bear the long flights and long walks.

ask aroundddd if you are lost!

Explore the world! See our mother nature... the beautiful earth... amazing architectures... experience their culture and traditions... taste their local delights...... 

Packing Time! Preperation..

My must bring:
1) Its always good to have a copy of your passport details
2) Hide your money in another secret pocket (you should never let your guard down and be cautious always) 
3) Bring credit cards with your full name similar to your passports. because sometimes in factory outlets or tax refund counter. they may need to verify..
4) A pair of good walking shoes...(you can never predict the weather) 
5)  Jacket with hoodie (always remember to keep ourselves warm from head to toe...)
6) Selfie stick (yeah! the popular thing right now..)
7) satitizer (sanitize our hands as its proven that we touches our face almost 5000 times a day without knowing... and that is when germs spread)
8)translator app- Download a translator app, incase you need to communicate with others.

i dunno japanese at all! lucky got pic

when we dunno which street to go, we play oh ah pei ya som! whoever won, we go their way.

When on Board:
I'll tell you whats inside my small little pouch when i am on board.

1)mask(sometimes i will sneeze.. air on board is really bad, and its considerate to others too..)

2)dental floss/toothbrush(i believe everyone hates it when there are left over supper in between teeth! haha)
3)vicks vapour rub (this can be very useful, there was one time when the passenger behind me had "salted fish leg"! pleaseeeee at least don't take off your shoe!! Or pleasseee change a sock if you are removing the shoe...arghhh )
4)handcream... (i have a habit of applying hand cream almost every hour, moisturizing....)
5)face mist(spray on your face to moist it)
6)sleeping mask(for lazy people like me, apply and sleep)
7)flu med, and diarrhoea med
8)eye drop
10)Lip balm(this is very important, having crack lips is miserable....)

remember less then 100ml with zip lock bag!